Alexander Technique for Children

A small child, naturally walks, sits and generally uses themselves well.  However, they are not taught this and it soon disappears.  This is due to the habits that they start to develop, the situations they are put in and with the speed of today’s life.  The last thing a child thinks about is how they are sitting, walking or how they are actually using their bodies to do day to day activities.

When a child develops the wrong way of using themselves as with adults it starts to put undue and excess strain on their bodies causing problems such as back pain, neck pain, repetitive strain injuries, general aches and pains to mention a few.

We have all seen children slouching in front of the telly or whilst playing on their Wii or Playstations, huddling over their work whilst doing their homework. By the time we are young adults our bodies and spines have already been contorted into a bad shape and start to pay for the habits that we have unknowing developed.

So how can we stop our children having back pain, neck pain RSI and general aches and pains?  By giving your child Alexander Technique lessons you are getting them to invest in themselves and their future to prevent back pain etc… The beauty of children is that they are like sponges and learn very quickly, learning the Alexander Technique at a young age means that they have the tools and the knowledge to prevent these problems and to start taking responsibility of their own well being.

As well as the physical aspect the Alexander Technique can help with the emotional side of well being.  Learning the Alexander Technique can help a child recognise when they are stressed or anxious, how to deal with that stress and anxiety.  This can help massively with exams and tests at school and the general pressures and strains as they go through life.

Learning the Alexander Technique can help your child find their way through life without the stress and tension.  It will be something that they can use throughout their life.