Alexander Technique

Chair work - Alexander TechniqueThe Alexander Technique is an incredibly effective way of learning how to release unwanted tension in our bodies which builds up through our stressful everyday life. This tension can pull our bodies out of shape affecting our balance and co-ordination therefore causing problems such as back pain, neck pain, migranes, poor posture and many more.

Alexander Technique helps you regain your natural poise, posture and coordination that you had as a small child. It is a skill that you learn with the help of a teacher enabling you to use it in everyday life.

The Alexander Technique is NOT a treatment or therapy such as massage or manipulation, nor is it an exercise regime like Pilates or yoga. It is a way of re-educating yourself to recognize and prevent habitual movement patterns to enable your body to operate more efficiently with less tension and effort.

What Happens in an Alexander Technique Lesson?

Alexander Technique teachers do not treat or diagnose specific problems. The Alexander Technique is a gentle hands on technique taught on a one to one basis which enables the teacher to work with you as an individual.

The teacher uses their hands to guide you in everyday tasks such as getting in and out of a chair. Using their hands they notice what muscle pulls are operating, how much tension you are using whilst doing these everyday activities and any habitual movement patterns you are using which could be causing problems.

The teacher helps you recognize and prevent habitual movement patterns and enable you to perform these everyday activities with less tension and effort resulting in you regaining your natural poise, posture, balance and coordination.

How much does it cost?

One to one Alexander Technique lessons last 45 minutes and cost £40. Lessons are taught at Sarah’s home in Ashdon, near Saffron Walden appointments can be made for the daytime or some evening lessons are also available. Block booking offer – If you book and prepay for 5 lessons then you get your 6th lesson free.

How Many Lessons will I need?

The number of lessons depends on the individual. It is a bit like driving lessons, some people only need a few and others more. A course of lessons is recommended to get the most benefit. Remember what you learn in a lesson you are able to use in your everyday life so the more information you have the better.

How Often Should I have a Lesson?

Regular lessons initially are recommended. Once a week is satisfactory, twice a week or more will enable you to get the most from your lessons but sometimes the practicality of this is not always possible.

Please note that cancellation charges will apply if less than 24 hours notice of cancellation is given.