Alexander Technique Testimonials & Reviews

Below are a selection of recent reviews and testimonials from both Alexander Technique and Alexander Technique for horse riding lessons or workshops:

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the workshop on Saturday. I found it very informative and it was nice to meet some new people. I had a play around with the rein contact yesterday and did feel an improvement. Looking forward to the next workshop.”

Juliette, Cambridge, Feb 2015

“I discovered the Alexander Technique after suffering a L5/S1 disc prolapse which left me with severe back and leg pain. A clinical trial had shown the technique to reduce back pain in the long term, so I got in touch with Sarah to find out if it could help me. I was a little nervous as I arrived for my first lesson, but it was soon clear I had no need to be. Sarah understood exactly what I was going through and immediately put my mind at ease. I left an hour later feeling better than I had done in a long time, both physically and mentally. Finally, I had some way of dealing with the problem and hope of a way out.

In the following weeks I attended several more lessons. During this time, Sarah started to show me the every day habits that had led to my back injury, and of course how to change them. One year on, I continue to feel the benefits and I am convinced that my lessons saved me from surgery. Sarah is a wonderful teacher and I still see her on a regular basis to learn more about Alexander. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Mike, Berden, September 2014

“As a classical singer I have found Sarah’s Alexander Technique lessons very useful and that they compliment and enhance my singing teachers technique.  Indeed I feel the Alexander emphasis on good posture maintained with relaxed muscles and mindful awareness of the whole body would improve any vocal technique, as poo posture and tense muscles restrict breathing and the vocal mechanism, limiting range and stamina.  Sarah is an excellent teacher and advocate o f the Alexander Technique. Her approach is thoughtful and thought provoking, helping the student to become self aware and mindful of our bodies posture and its relationship to our surroundings.” 

Kamel, Ashdon Feb 2014

“I recently participated in the ‘Introductory Alexander Technique for Riders Dismounted Workshop’ and highly recommend it to any horse rider.  Sarah has a lovely teaching style and did a great job of delivering the information on the technique in a comprehensive way.

After a general introduction, we had individual tuition in the saddle. This gave me an improved sense of how my body position influences the movement of the horse and I am convinced that it will benefit my riding in the long-term. I will continue to take lessons to improve my body posture in day-to-day activities and when sitting on the horse.”
Daniela Wieser, Cambridge, Feb 2012

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for our dismounted riding clinic on Saturday we all thoroughly enjoyed it and took away a much deeper understanding of the ways in which we hold tension throughout our bodies and what a knock effect this has on our horses way of going. The hands on techniques plus the way in which you explained everything was very interesting and made great sense. It was such a lovely informal atmosphere and I would definately recommend it to anyone.”
Suzzanne Thacker, Essex, Feb 2012

“Sarah’s warm and engaging personality coupled with her patient – practical approach enabled me to feel more confident and gain better balance and co-ordination.”
Sue Keane, Hempstead,  October 2011

“Sarah always instills, the importance of a balance between horse and rider, and always has a good sense of riders’ postures, working to always relax people. Her awareness also results in her effectiveness as a rider. Anyone of any age, ability or background, should feel confident under Sarah’s guidance.”
Nic Ashton, Norfolk, August 2011

“I found your hands on instruction at Witham Villa both relaxing and beneficial in the classroom. The ridden help when you told me not to ‘push’ when riding was and is immensely useful … I was horrified initially as I thought that was something I would never do … but once you explained how to relax and accept the horse without trying to ‘end gain’ I found a whole new level of understanding. So congratulations and long may you help me and others.”
Linda Hudson, Blaby Mill Stables, Leicester, July 2011

“Sarah immediately put me at ease with her explanation of what the Alexander technique is all about and how it would help me. Throughout my lessons Sarah gave clear instructions and constantly checked how I was feeling which made me feel relaxed and able to complete the movements. Sarah has helped me to identify how I can improve my posture and movement which has helped my problem back immensely. Thank you Sarah.”
Becky Smith, Peterborough July 2011